About Vikram University, Ujjain

The Vikram Univeristy, Ujjain is an ‘A’ grade State University is one of the oldest University of Madhya Pradesh has created a special niche for itself in the past almost Six Decades. Vikram University is offering instruction in higher learning and research guidance in around 150 diversified courses that are directly related to economic growth, development of science, society and human values. Basic sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geology; branched - out science disciplines like Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Environment Management, Biotechnology and Computer Science are strong academic pillars of the University. With equally strong academic spirit, the disciplines of Business Administration and Commerce, Economics, Statistics, Physical sciences ,Biosciences, Political Science, Public Administration, Human Rights, Sociology, Social Work, Ancient History & Archaeology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Human Resource Management, Physical Education, Continuing Education, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Veda, Jyotirvigyan, Library and Information Science have been excelling in teaching and research ever since their respective commencement. Besides, the University at various points of time started a number of research centers to promote exclusive research guidance and publications in different areas of studies and opened Ambedkar Peeth, Scindia Oriental Research Institute and Gandhian Studies which have led to considerable research output on contemporary issues.


For more information please visit www.vikramuniv.ac.in