Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology, an autonomous organization under Department of Science & Technology Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, was instituted in 1981 with a view to optimize sustainable development of the State through science and technology. The major objectives of the Council include identification of the areas where science and technology input may accelerate the development of the state in various sectors, contribution towards development and improvement of scientific and technological capabilities in the State, ensure better utilization of the resources of the State and to promote modernization of the State through science & technology interventions.


Some of the activities of the Council are :-

Remote Sensing Application Centre

Centre for Excellence in Biotechnology

Rural Technology Application Centre

Science and Technology Promotion and Popularization Centre

Research and Development Facilitation Centre

Technology Management Centre

Excellence Creation and Capacity Building Centre

Quality Assurance Laboratory

Madhya Pradesh Library of Science and Technology

Prof. T.S. Murthy Science and Technology Centre

Publication and Public Relation

Regional Extension Centre

Madhya Pradesh Resource Atlas Programme

Ujjain-Dongla Planetarium-Observatory Complex

Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Network

Climate Change Research Centre.




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