(Should be uploaded online and 4 hard copies)

Minimum 250 words and maximum 300 words.

The abstract must be written in English and its extent is limited to one A4 page in the following pattern.

  • Subject discipline under which it is to be included should be written on top corner.

  • The title of the abstract should be typed using the 14 pt Times New Roman bold font.

  • The name of the author and their affiliation (Department name, Institute name and Address), Email address should be then typed with the 12 pt Times New Roman font using the regular and italic font style, respectively. Abstract and paper must bear single authorship

  • Text to be distributed in three paragraphs using the single space 12 pt Times New Roman font:

    (i)    First paragraph indicating objectives and background details (about 50 words).

    (ii)   Second paragraph materials, methods or experiment (about 50 words).

    (iii)  Third paragraph highlighting the observations, finding, discussion and importance.

The abstract must be free from mistakes since they will be reproduced as such.




(Submit 4 hard copies by Post and PDF file by email on



Experimental details, methods, materials, etc.

Observations, Results and Discussion, Tables, Diagrams etc.



References as per internationally accepted style

The paper should be typed in double space on A-4 size paper. The paper must indicate the discipline under which it is to be considered accompanied by required certificate/ undertaking.

Each candidate should submit his/her research paper in separate envelope mentioning the discipline, Unique ID and “39th MP Young Scientist Congress” on top of the envelope.